The TexaPoker festival is coming to the city of Paris from October 2019. Parisian poker players and enthusiasts are impatiently awaiting this event. The festival offers participants a program rich in perspectives.

Unmissable events

This year, TexaPoker Events unveils a complete offer with various tournaments. The founder, Apostolos Chantzis, provided some information about the different formulas available. The main manager is a service provider for several casinos located in France. On his Facebook account, the interested party published a post stipulating that the TPS in Paris will start from October with a personalized poker offer all year round. In the list, we find the TPS 250, TPS 500, TPS 1000 and the KO Series. Quite wide options that will surely satisfy the players. As for the buy-in, the amount ranges around 250 euros. The schedule will be available in the coming weeks. Moreover, the establishment which will host these tournaments is none other than the Club Montmartre.

The tournament organizer and founder of Texapoker, Apostolos Chantzis, continually values ​​his brand and continues his influence by attracting new partners. In a few years, he has become a key figure in the poker industry on French territory. And it must be said that he spares no effort to satisfy the enthusiasts. Texapoker is constantly evolving and studying various formats. The manager is betting on affordable buy-ins between 150 and 300 euros. And the success is immediate since the attendance rate remains increasingly important. For example, during the MegaPokerSeries Main Event at 120 euros at the Casino de Sanremo with its 902 registered entrants. One reason why Texapoker works closely with PMU in the organization of the MegaPokerFestival in September. The tournament revolves around an entry fee of 120 and 200 euros. It must be said that the motto of the company favors low cost tournaments of easy access and affordable quality.

Texapoker is planning various large-scale formulas in the coming months. The list consists, for example, of DSO, FPO, FPF, APO 2500, IPO in Sanremo and a novelty with the collaboration of Pokerstars. By signing a partnership with PMU Poker, satellites will be available to qualify. Live tournaments start from 5.50 euros with at least 20 tickets per week up for grabs.


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